Order Your Thanksgiving Meals To Go



Order your Thanksgiving meals to go this year! If you’re in Santa Barbara, California, you can order your Thanksgiving feast with Catering Connection, but if you need a little more convincing…


Here are 5 reasons why you should order your Thanksgiving meals to go this year:

  1. The thinking is done for you. Say goodbye to figuring out all the details like when to thaw the turkey or trying to understanding great Aunt Greta’s hand-written recipe for her famous mashed potatoes. By ordering your Thanksgiving meals to go, the only thing you have to think about is who’s getting an invite this year. Order your favorite dishes and desserts from Catering Connection! Check out our Thanksgiving menu here. Need more options? Here are several restaurants in Santa Barbara that will be open for Thanksgiving dinner.
  2. The cooking is done for you. When you order your Thanksgiving meals to go, you won’t have to map out your dinner plans. You can skip the grocery store, skip the mess of cooking, and skip the cleanup afterwards. With Catering Connection, all you have to do is put in your order (before November 16th), pick it up, and heat it when you’re ready to eat! It’s truly a win-win-WIN!
  3. Less time spent prepping and cooking, more time with the ones you love. Imagine this: It’s Thanksgiving Day and rather than spending the entire day checking the roast and ensuring all the fixings are cooked to perfection, you’re playing with your little ones, drinking cocktails, watching the game, or listening to the latest family gossip (lol). No matter what you’d rather be doing on Thanksgiving, you can be thankful ordering your Thanksgiving meals to go freed up your time to do it.
  4. A memorable meal without all the cleanup. As aforementioned, all the work is done when you order your Thanksgiving meals to go, including cleanup. Unless you opt to use real dishes, all that’s left to do after the meal is bag it up or toss it the bin. Even if you go the traditional route, at least you won’t have a plethora of pots, pans, stoves, and ovens to clean!
  5. Celebrate without stress. Ordering your Thanksgiving meals to go means being able to relax with your feet up the whole day. Save the stress for Black Friday shopping later that night…


If you’re in Santa Barbara, CA and you’re looking to order your festive feast to go this year, be sure to check out our Thanksgiving menu and get your order in by November 16th at 12 PM PST! 


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