Holiday Work Party Ideas (2022)

It’s time to deck the office halls and get the party started in Santa Barbara! Here are some of our favorite holiday work party ideas you should definitely take advantage of in 2022!


8 Holiday Work Party Ideas


    1. Gingerbread house contest – Split the office into teams and give each one a gingerbread house kit to decorate!
    2. Christmas Murder Mystery – Nothing brings people together like a murder mystery on a cold, December day at the office! A murder mystery party takes a bit of planning ahead, so it helps to have a downloadable game kit like the one found here as well as the use of a caterer, like Catering Connection, to help make things easier!Bonus Idea: Have everyone dress in 1920s attire.

    3. Candy or cookie bar – Here’s a great holiday work party idea: grab a table, frosting, cookies, sprinkles, or an assortment of candy, and let people create their own goodies! Additionally, you could have Catering Connection set the goodies up for you – we have an array of sweet options to choose from! Learn more here.
    4. Ugly Sweater Contest – Nothing is more amusing than getting creative with an ugly sweater. Get some laughs out of your holiday work party by setting up a creation station for everyone to decorate. Some materials to include are a hot glue gun, pom-poms, fabric glue, glitter, jingle bells, and pipe cleaners.
    5. Christmas Awards Ceremony – Another great holiday work party idea is to host an awards show! Which coworker goes above and beyond? Is never late? Never takes off? Is the funniest? Get the polling started and let Catering Connection handle the hors d’oeuvres on awards day!
    6. Holiday PJ Party – Wearing the same old corporate garb can be dull after a while. Imagine being silly just one day out of the year! Bring laughter and life into the office with a pajama party! Pop the popcorn and put on a Christmas movie!
    7. Cubicle Decorating Contest – Introduce some tinsel, ornaments, and lights to the office and have people get into the holiday spirit by decorating their workspace! Additionally, you could also have each person or team bring their own decor from home.Bonus Idea: They could choose a theme or you could set an overall theme for the office (e.g. the Nutcracker, Elf, or The Grinch, etc.) and have each contestant pick a different scene from the story). 
    8. Christmas Cocktail Competition – Have the office bring their best booze while you provide the drink ware, garnishes, the blender, and ice. The winner of the best concoction gets a prize! If you’re short on time and resources or would rather someone else do the bartending, call Catering Connection and let us do the pouring for you! Evidently (and this should go without saying), as an adult holiday party idea, please drink responsibly!


That’s it for some of our favorite holiday work party ideas! To book us for your next holiday party or special event, contact us here.

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