Virtual Events Offer Great Opportunity for Creative Food Experiences For Local Attendees

While some of our nation has opened in phases to live group gatherings, the majority of gatherings in our Santa Barbara area are still virtual.  At Catering Connection, our first allegiance is to the safety and health of our staff and our clients.  We stay up to date with all the changes and most recent CDC, State and County health guidelines and laws with regard to live events as well as for our services in general.

With virtual events at an all-time high, never has there been more opportunity for creating unique food experiences in a completely different way.  One may think that because an event is virtual that there isn’t really a place for food and beverage in that event.   We happened to believe the opposite: that sumptuous food experiences are more important than ever for attendees of virtual events.  Here’s why:


With virtual events, the potential to lose the essential elements of human connection and physical experiences rises.  That’s why it’s extra important to create opportunities for that connection as well as comfort and pleasure.

Below are some of our favorite food and beverage ideas for virtual meetings, fundraisers and events.

Swag Enhancement:   Catering Connection can create individually wrapped delicious homemade goods to go in the individual swag boxes that are delivered to attendees prior to the event by event producers.

Event Meals and Snacks:  Are your local attendees attending the event all day or for several days?  Especially for extended virtual events, giving your guests some edible wow to help keep up their energy contributes to the event’s success.

Allow us to come up with a delicious deliverable meal dropped off fresh to each attendee on their porch with a custom note from you each day. Whether you are hosting virtual breakout sessions and want to spoil participants with something special, or have a featured Key Note Speaker during lunchtime, we will work with you on the best drop off menu and timing to maximize each of your virtual events for individual guest experience.  And who says a cocktail reception can’t be delivered?  For starters, consider our incredible Charcuterie Box delivered, and speak to our expert event planners about other hors d’oeuvres enhancements to make cocktail hour extra special.


What about cocktails and mocktails?  While we don’t sell cocktails/alcohol, we do have referrals to some pretty awesome event partners who can help you design a custom wine or cocktail kit to be dropped off/delivered to each attendee for those end-of -day sessions with a live virtual band or even for virtual weddings during cocktail hour.

No matter what you choose, we will partner with other event partners to help make the presentation memorable, fun, as well as delicious.

Food brings people together at live events.  And essentially it does the same thing for virtual events, just in a different style.  In fact, it’s a bit more personal when it’s virtual because each attendee/guest/participant feels valued in “joining” the others savoring good food together with a custom, just -for-them presentation.   But let’s also face it: there is nothing more fun than getting a package delivered to your door just for you!  And when that package has something delicious that will be enjoyed with others virtually, it’s one more way to stay connected at this time.



Visit our COVID19 Safety Protocol & Procedure Statement here.

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