The Summer Picnic is Back | Picnicking Santa Barbara Style

Photo Courtesy of Picnic World

With the return of gorgeous weather here on America’s own Riviera, our business takes on an additional niche to weddings: that of the summer picnic. We are seeing a large increase in corporate business as the economy improves, and one of the first things to return to companies is the return of the annual company picnic.  And it’s not just Corporate America enjoying the return of summer fare in a new way, with graduations and family reunions,  a summer picnic in Santa Barbara is anything but ordinary.

While people are still enjoying a sumptuous BBQ with all the trimmings, some are enjoying having the luxury of a a meal dropped off for them at this busy time of year so they don’t have to cook (graduations, family reunions).  Others have taken the “picnic” idea to new heights to maximize their Santa Barbara summer experience with a tour in wine country with customized gourmet picnic provided for them at a winery, a scavenger hunt by day ending with a fabulous clam bake and bonfire on the beach in the evening.  Whatever the choice,  people are enjoying the outdoors and having someone else do the cooking and all the work involved with producing a fabulous and memorable event.

For more traditional company picnic style, check out our most popular menu: