Catering Connection Loves Its Creative Partners!

Every year is a new opportunity to blaze new trails of growth and inspiration.  And especially in the special events industry, “inspiration” is our middle name and at the core of all we do.  So as the end of 2015 approached and we were reflecting on all those event supply partners who made our year so successful, we were once again faced with the question how to show our appreciation.  With so much going on during the month of December personally and professionally for everyone, the inspired answer was this:  let everyone recover , start off their New Year, take a deep breath, and then offer them an “experience” where we pamper them.

To keep the focus intimate and meaningful, we split the appreciation evenings up and each was varied a bit in design.  One of the most popular ones was an interactive cooking demo, where all guests donned the Catering Connection apron, enjoyed decadent food and beverage and mingling and then made their way into the kitchen for the making of three delicious recipes by Catering Connection’s own Chef Mark:  Oysters Rockefeller, Braised, Boneless Beef Short Ribs and Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake.  These recipes were given to each guest, for them to take home and use as well as a complimentary gift “swag” bag of goodies from the evening (see photo below).  Guests were given the option to just sit back and watch, or jump in and cook if they wanted.  The choice was theirs.  A good time was had by all.  The feedback we received on these events was wonderful and it was our pleasure to take care of those who work so hard alongside us year-round.

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