The New Networking: The New Way to “Corporate Event”

salagado-photoboothTraditional business relationship-building always emphasized a strong , thick line between “business” and “pleasure”.  One would rarely think of investing in an entire weekend away or social engagements with one’s client (or prospective client) in years past .  Times have changed, and as businesses seek to stand out more from the competition, building personal relationships with business contacts has never been so important.   Because of this, companies are looking at the way they network with suppliers and clients with a personal slant.   This means hosting potential clients for weekend-long destination events that include their favorite activities to individual one-on-one time fun and leisure time invested.  Because of this,  “corporate event” is more than a noun, it is becoming a “verb” , as it is now an action and one whose very definition has evolved.

In Santa Barbara and its wine country, the “new networking” has reached new heights because of the incredibleCC Collage pavlova winebottles locations, spas and destination activities all around: from world-class golfing, wine-tasting, horseback riding, tennis to spas, glider plane riding, to elaborate experiential parties and team-building adventure courses where each part of the event is set up with activities and experiences custom-tailored for the guests attending.  There are options for one-on-one networking as well as group activities for bonding.

The way to “corporate event” has become personal.  Companies are going to great lengths to get to know their clients’ and potential clients’ personal preferences, habits, hobbies, favorite pastimes, dream vacation preferences and more.

At Catering Connection, we are here to help with whatever way you would like to “corporate event”:  from the traditional party or soiree to something with a twist, to helping you plan an event that revolves around your client’s favorite pastimes and activities.  Need some suggestions?  Contact us!