Thanksgiving Turkeys – To Brine or Not to Brine

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching  and most cooks are probably facing the big issue of whether or not to brine the turkey!

In the past few years, there has been much debate between friends and foes about the value of brining their turkey.  The traditionalists’ view is “why fix what ain’t broke”?   The modernists’  view is “why make what ain’t fixed?

For the sake of the debate, we wanted to throw our opinion into the proverbial hat and say that if we were doing the turkey for Thanksgiving, it would be brined.  Just sayin’.  The turkey just seems to hold its’ moisture much better and doesn’t get that chewy quality that pure roasting can produce.

If you do plan on brining your turkey, you will need to do the preparations a day prior to cooking.  We have found, what we think,  is a fantastic instuctional VIDEO on  How to Brine a Turkey from

If you do not plan on brining, then you have the whole day free on Wednesday to frolick. Go kick some Fall leaves and rejoice.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, regardless of your opinion on this matter!

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