Jessica and Max’s Montecito Private Home Wedding with Some Special Food & Beverage Choices

Montecito-Wedding-3While Santa Barbara is filled with lovely resorts, parks, wineries, and private estates for hire, sometimes the best weddings are those in a private home.  Jessica and Max hosted friends and family from near and far in the comfort of their home, which offered a picturesque garden oasis for relaxation on a Santa Barbara summer day.

Special Touches were focused on specialty food and beverage choices (which we get extra excited about, as you can imagine),  including a delicious Maple Bourbon Whiskey Sour signature cocktail, and as guests entered for dinner, on the tables they were greeted with Fresh Radishes with Butter and Sea-Salt,  Roasted Cauliflower & Broccoli with Coarsely Chopped Italian Parsley, and for the butter served with the crusty french baguette, Jessica and Max chose to have lemon herb butter, instead of traditional butter. 

Menu Highlights:  Hors D’oeuvres: Tray-Passed:   Ripe Cantaloupe & Honeydew Melon Wrapped with Prosciutto;  Crostini-Toasted Bread Rounds with Crisp Asian Pear, Fresh Ricotta and Local Wild Flower Honey; Mini Crab Cakes with Tartar Sauce;  Crispy Bacon Wrapped around Almond-Stuffed Sweet Dates;  Marinated Chicken Skewer with Chimichurri Dipping Sauce; Roasted Sweet Tomato Tart with Basil, Pine Nut Crush and Goat Cheese; Displayed on Dining Tables Prior to Guests Arrival: Fresh Radishes with Butter and Sea-Salt,  Roasted Cauliflower & Broccoli with Coarsely Chopped Italian Parsley|  Dinner – Served Family Style:  Arugula Salad Fresh Arugula Salad with Roasted Santa Barbara Pistachios, Cherries (fresh), Goat Cheese Tossed with Black Pepper-Champagne Vinaigrette;  Entrées:  Red Wine-Braised Short Ribs with Carrots, Onion and Button Mushrooms;   Chili, Smoked-Paprika and Brown Sugar Dry-Rubbed Wild Salmon Fillet, Served Whole Fresh Lemons and Limes;  Creamy Polenta with Fresh Parmesan and Chopped Italian Parsley;  Grilled Asparagus; Fresh Crusty Baguettes with Lemon Butter;   Dessert:  Cake & Mini Desserts (provided by Bride & Groom) with Coffee and Assortment of Teas.

Event Supply Partner Cast:  Venue:  Private Home  | Catering:  Catering Connection | Rentals:  Ventura Rental Party Center | Florals:  Ella and Louie | Ceremony and Reception Music: JAS Productions  | Lighting:  Bella Vista Designs | Coordination:  Michel B Events | Photography:  Karen D |


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