Event Entertaining with a Buffet

Producing a flawlessly catered event is almost entirely due to the preparation that goes on before the actual event takes place.  Here are some tips from our catering planning design experts anyone can apply to private entertaining in their own home:

Entertaining with a Buffet Expert Event Planning Tips:

  1. Choose dishes cooked ahead that can simply be warmed up for serving or put together last minute
  2. Place buffet tables away from the wall so guests have access from all sides
  3. A few days prior to the event, take out your serving pieces and utensils to make sure you have all the proper equipment to display and serve your menu items;  ensure it all fits on the table
  4. Place food in logical order – entrees before side dishes
  5. Protect your table and linens: make sure you have saucers down for guests on which to lay their serving utensils
  6. Make a separate area for drinks and desserts
  7. Pre-wrap guest’s flatware in napkins so it is bundled for convenience
  8. Your serving dishes and plates do not have  to match – it is very “in” to mix and match