A Water Sommelier for Your Next Special Event?

Photo Courtesy of WineNews.com
Photo Courtesy of WineNews.com

Many wine country weddings choose to hire the vineyard’s own sommelier  during the pre-dinner reception to assist with the wine tasting that so often goes with “cocktail hour”.  It affords a “guest experience” as guests learn about the vineyard they are visiting and their wine.   But how about an expert to help you and your guests taste water?  Yes, a water sommelier.

Technically, this is nothing new.  The Ritz Carlton in New York City actually had a “water sommelier” 11 years ago.  However, Los Angeles has taken things to new heights by starting a new trend that is expected to seep over into special events on various levels: that of the water sommelier during a reception.  The idea is that there are 20 “varietals” of water throughout the world and a true water sommelier can help you distinguish and choose which one is best for you and for your meal.

Now, before you go laughing at the idea, consider this:  the water industry has become a huge business.  No one ever thought that the drink that came out of your faucet at one time years ago would ever be sold in bottles and make money, let alone boom to so many variations (flavored, mineral, energy and more). It is possible a water sommelier may be the next big thing.

No matter how one feels about it, having a water sommelier for your next event can add an aura of fun and the unexpected.