Caitlin and Boyan brought some unique touches to their wedding at the lovely and incredibly versatile downtown Santa Barbara Historical Museum.   This beautiful wedding venue has several outdoor event spaces that allow many options for one’s event, all while offering the historical Spanish vibe that makes Santa Barbara so inviting.   Offering some European-styled elements to their wedding celebration, Caitlin and Boyan opted for one long feasting table to bring guests together and incorporated an old Bulgarian wedding custom of breaking bread over the groom’s mother’s head.  The tradition is based on another Bulgarian tradition of whomever steps on the other’s foot first after being married is said to be the one who will dominate in the marriage.  With the bread, the tradition includes the mother of the groom holding the bread over her head and asking the couple to each pull a side.  Whomever gets the larger piece of bread from the tear is said to be the dominating partner.  After the bread break, the festivities of dancing and celebration begin!