Your Event Planning Partner | Allowing Your Full Service Caterer to Help Find Your Event Location

buffetA Full Service Caterer’s job is more than just providing exceptionally fantastic food and service the day of the event.  A well-established caterer in their hometown knows and has worked at nearly every type of venue possible for events and can help you find the perfect event location. From private estates, parks, historic sites, quirky sites, museums, beaches, lakes, outdoor locations to independent event “halls” and centers.  They know the plusses and the challenges of each venue as well as the size/capacity and what type of event is best suited for every type of venue.  If you are not sure where you would like to host your event but have not hired a professional event planner, look no further than your Full Service Caterer.  By letting them know your date, guest size and some basic information such as event budget, your Full Service Caterer can point you immediately to those venues that they know will suit your criteria, thereby providing you with the perfect event location.   Additionally, they will let you know how their service charges for staff/labor will vary from location to location, depending on the complexities of each venue.



Ask your caterer where their favorite event locations are and why.  Ask them what type of set up works best at the venues they recommend and then trust their input.  Remember, they have done thousands of events, and maybe even hundreds at the venue that interests you, so let their experience benefit you and trust it.



Photo Courtesy of McCormick Ranch
Photo Courtesy of McCormick Ranch