Adding Elements of Fun to Your Event | Creative Coffee Service

Offering coffee with meal service can be done in so many ways.  From the traditional seat-side coffee pour to a coffee station from which guests can help themselves.  Adding elements of fun to your event with creative coffee service is just one of many ways to make your event stand out. We love having a bit of fun with the traditional and providing elements of inspiration to all our events.  Some of our favorite events included a fantastic cappuccino /espresso bar intead of a regular coffee bar; a coffee bar with fantastic dessert-like accessorites like truffles to put in your coffee, flavored syrups, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, chocolate-covered spoons which melt in your coffee and much more.  Since coffee is at the end of a meal, having a creative coffee service presentation is a great way for guests to leave with a fabulous impression and have some fun with the unexpected.