Your Santa Barbara special event venue location is perhaps the single most important element in all event planning. From this stems all your food and beverage experience for your guests, rentals, décor, and even attire for you and your guests.  

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Searching for your ideal Santa Barbara event venue can feel daunting.  There are so many from which to choose here on the American Riviera! And each has a different feel, capacity, layout and of course, cost.   Not all are intended for every type of event or spending plan (budget). So rather than spending hours or days researching and learning, take advantage of the 20+ years we have been established as one of Santa Barbara’s leading full service preferred catering companies and let us recommend a few top choices to save you time and money.  All we need to know is:

  1. Your guest size
  2. Your budget
  3. Your event goals

Based on this, we will recommend those venues which we feel will accomplish your goals. Once we have your location, we can start working on a menu and event proposal.  Some event venues are more conducive to certain meal styles than others. Others have incredibly restrictive load-in logistics and a few do not have kitchens, so knowing your event location first will be the foundation for us preparing a successful catering and rental proposal for you.  

Our exclusive list of the best Santa Barbara, Ojai and Ventura wedding and special event locations can help save you valuable time and money.  Special Event venues in our area range from parks, private estates and mansions, wineries, ranches, community and private locations, beach and ocean-view venues and so many more.  Also, many venues have equipment already on site that you can use (such as tables and chairs), saving you money on your rentals. Because we keep a working inventory list of equipment available for event use at each venue, we hit the ground running in saving you time and money right up front with our experience and expertise.   

On the other side, we know which wedding and special event locations will actually end up costing you more and may be out of your spending plan.  Many venues are more than just the rental fee you see charged for a certain number of hours. For example, some require you hire valet or parking attendants;  some do not allow on-site parking at all and you will need to rent shuttle service for all your guests; some do not have adequate restrooms, requiring you to rent VIP Restroom Trailers.  All of this can add up unexpectedly. But if you have a professional, full service caterer who is aware of their policies up front and can share them with you, you can decide at the beginning if the location is the right match for your spending plan.  Never, ever just go by an event venue’s rental fee alone.

Catering Connection is here to help you navigate the Santa Barbara event venue-searching waters with ease and grace.