As one of Santa Barbara’s premiere full service caterers, we are heavily invested in the entire overall success of the event.  No special event’s success is single-handedly due to one event partner (vendor). Because we know this, ensuring our clients have access to the most reputable vendor talent in our Santa Barbara area is part of the event planning experience with us.  

We have recommendations for the following vendor categories and encourage all clients to use our list as they wish:

An exclusive list of event vendors Catering Connection partners with on a daily basis to bring you the greatest special events you could ask for.

While some clients may choose to bring in talent from outside the area, we always recommend using Santa Barbara vendor talent as a first choice.  Our recommended vendors know the area (and most likely the special event venue you have chosen), saving you and your event from unnecessary mishaps “day of”.  Additionally, hiring a professional Santa Barbara vendor is usually an ideal way to maximize your spending plan, as locals don’t often charge travel fees.

We are sometimes asked how to choose a professional vendor between several that are listed.  It boils down to two things, really: 1) how you click with the person with whom you connected  when you contacted them and 2) their reputation and reviews (which can largely be gleaned from talking to other event professionals).   

Additionally, you can ask to see samples of the vendor’s work, ask for referrals, talk to others in the Santa Barbara wedding industry, check out their social media and get to know them and their style as it reveals itself there.  Then, take all of this and it should give you a well-rounded perspective that will help you with your final decision. In some cases, it can be very hard to decide: we truly have an amazing group of talented vendors in Santa Barbara!